Production automation

Automation in precast production plants is a suitable solution for optimising production processes in order to increase production productivity with fewer staff.

PREFA Technology offers automation using modern technologies, a high degree of automation, and easy operation of its designed systems.

Innovation and automation of production processes, collectively referred to as Industry 4.0, can be a suitable solution for streamlining the entire production spectrum.

The requirements placed on production companies keep increasing and demand flexibility in their production processes. Production automation allows companies to be less dependent on staff, so that they are able to react flexibly to fluctuations in demand.

The solutions we design are also suitable for the demanding conditions of precast technology.

The production processes also include monitoring and digitalisation of both individual machines and entire production lines. Digitalisation allows users to control and manage the operation of “smart factories” in real time, even from a remote location.

Thanks to our in-house engineering team, which includes electrical engineers and IT specialists, we are able to offer complex solutions that meet even the most demanding customer requirements. All solutions designed by us are unique.

Note: In precast production plants, automation is associated with the pallet circulation system. Automation usually concerns the production of wall and slab elements made from reinforced concrete where individual technological steps are performed at downstream stations. The purpose is to ensure the optimal flow of materials (fixed table fittings, filling with concrete, surface finishing, storage, etc.).

Our successful projects include:

  • automated operation of flying buckets
  • an automated line for the production of railway sleepers
  • autonomous trolleys for the transport of concrete on a Spiroll ceiling panel production line
  • the pallet circulation system…

Technical parameters according to the type of application