Concrete spreaders

Concrete spreaders (also known as concrete distributors) are used for the quick and precise dispensing of concrete when producing slab and wall elements made of reinforced concrete.

These are casting machines used to transport concrete and process it in moulds for wall and slab elements(proklik na související produkty).

Spreaders consist of a steel frame with a chassis and a concrete container. They are driven by electric geared drives controlled by frequency converters.

The concrete container (hopper) is made up of abrasion-resistant steel plates, ensuring a longer service life of the equipment.

The method of discharge is selected depending on the type of consistency of the concrete.

For wet (loose) concrete, screw and belt conveyors are a good solution. The conveyors are driven by an electric geared drive.

For fluid and self-Consolidating concrete, segmented discharge containers in various designs are used. The outlet is opened automatically using a hydraulic system.

The hoppers of the spreaders can be filled with concrete via flying buckets, from concrete buckets, or directly from the mixing centre.

Concrete spreaders can have a gantry or bridge design.

The gantry variant

- includes a custom wheeled chassis that travels along a track on the floor of precast production plants. Alternatively, the profiles are placed directly on the casting surface moulds for wall and slab elements(proklik na související produkty). The gantry variant typically allows for a smaller span of the main girder of the casting machine.

This solution is suitable for the production of wall and slab elements where the equipment serves one or more workstations along the longitudinal axis of the track.

When serving secondary workplaces, the casting machine needs to be moved to another track.

The casting machine is powered by a cable drum located on the steel frame of the machine or on the surrounding structure of the precast production plant.

The bridge variant

- (known as a…

Technical specifications:

container capacity
1–3.5 m3
material transported
wet to very fluid mixture
discharge method
screw and belt conveyor/segmented outlet
travel speed
5–60 m/min (controlled by a frequency converter)
Remarks: Technical parameters can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs