Moulds for the production slab elements

Moulds for the production slab elements are designed for both single and serial production of precast reinforced-concrete slabs and walls, and occasionally also for the production of columns.

Moulds for the production slab elements are made up of a base steel frame with a casting surface, which may be complemented with sides, faces and external vibrators. Moulds for the production of wall and slab elements are placed into the interiors of precast technology facilities.

The resulting shape of the precast product is formed between the casting surface, sides and faces of the mould. In the absence of sides and faces, the casting surface should be supplemented with the necessary system formwork(proklik na související produkty) .

The casting surface of the mould is made up of steel sheet metal that is usually ground to be shiny. The casting surface makes the future exterior part of the reinforced-concrete element being made. The flatness of the casting surface is measured with a calibrated steel ruler in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. We guarantee a flatness of 1.5mm/3000 mm. For the resulting surface, no local unevenness is allowed, only a gradual wave.

The standard load-bearing capacity of the casting surface is 1000 kg/m2.

The maximum dimensions of the casting surface are not limited by production. The limiting factor is mainly transport by truck. When the required dimensions exceed the transport possibilities, larger moulds for the production of wall and slab elements are assembled from several parts at the customer’s site. The dimensions of the casting surfaces depend on the type of application of the cast element, with dimensions of 3 × 1 m to 20 × 4 m being common.


Optional add-ons

Sides and faces are used to ensure the required height of the concrete element in its entire cross-section. Integrated sides and faces are fixed or adjustable. The height of fixed and adjustable sides and faces is up to 400 mm and 100-400, respectively.


Technical parameters of moulds for the production of wall and slab elements

casting surface flatness
1,5 mm/3000 mm
casting surface load-
1000 kg/m2
side/face variant
element height
normally up to 400 mm
typical casting surface dimensions
according to use, 3 × 1 m up to 20 × 4 m
casting surface tilt
maximum axial load
normally 30 000 kg
Remarks: Technical parameters can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs






FOLDING TABLE 13 x 4.5 m