Concrete buckets

Concrete buckets are most commonly used to transport fresh concrete from the mixing centre to the post-processing site.

The container is equipped with suspension shackles for lifting equipment (cranes). The design of the containers can be adapted for transport with handling equipment such as forklift trucks.

Discharge from the container is controlled by means of a segmented cap. Multiple segmented closures can be placed in a row with respect to the use of the containers.

Compared to concrete buckets, concrete containers are equipped with a narrow central cap and a rubber sleeve, which facilitates emptying the concrete into smaller moulds for concrete.

The segment caps can be operated by a hand wheel, lever, electric gearbox or hydraulic system.

Power is supplied is through a connection to the lifting device (crane) at the connection point of the suspension shackle for handling.

Optional add-ons

External vibrators allow for cleaning the container of any residual concrete. Vibrators with a frequency of 50-200 Hz are used.

A steel cylinder with spikes is used to mix and evenly discharge the concrete from the concrete container.

PREFA Technology focuses on producing concrete buckets designed according to the specifications needed for specific types of concrete handling in precast production plants.

Technical specifications:

container capacity
0.5–2.5 m3
material transported
loose materials (wet to very fluid concrete)
segment control
handling method
a lifting device (crane hook)/handling equipment (forklift)
Remarks: Technical parameters can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs