Storage containers and silos

PREFA Technology offers large-capacity steel storage containers and silos for the storage of bulk materials for precast production and other needs.

Cylindrical containers, or silos, are used for storing bulk materials, thus protecting them against the weather.

The silos consist of a tall cylinder made of interconnected steel plates.

The upper part is fitted with a lid that includes connection ports for downstream equipment.

The lower part of the silo terminates in a conical part that allows for the discharge of bulk materials from the silo.

The silos can be placed on a concrete foundation or in a steel structure.

The steel structures are designed to allow trucks to pass under the discharge outlet.


Our applications include:

  • cement silos
  • fly ash silos
  • aggregate containers
  • containers for other bulk materials


Container delivery also includes the necessary equipment:

  • a safety pressure and vacuum relief valve
  • air filtration (silo dedusting during filling by pneumatic transport)
  • level measurement
  • aeration valves to improve material flowability
  • a bulk material flow shut-off (flaps and caps)
  • a filling nozzle
  • tensometric weighing for containers


Technical specifications:

container capacity
normally 10–250 m3 (special applications up to 500 m3)
container diameter
2 000–10 000 mm
structural steel
stored materials
bulk materials (cement / fly ash / aggregate / and others)
Remarks: Technical parameters can be adjusted according to the customer’s need.