Company management, sales and technical departments

Prefa Technology  a.s.

Prumyslova 566/5,

108 00 Prague, Czech Republic

GPS: 50.0839386N, 14.5372208E

Company management

Ing. Aleš Křivský

(Proxy Holder, Chief Executive Officer)

Sales Department

Ing. Jan Mertlík

(Sales Manager)

+420 608 265 988


Alena Fišerová


+420 608 265 978

Production and assembly plant Kamenný Přívoz

Prefa Technology a.s.

Kamenný Přívoz 200,

252 82 (district Praha-západ), Czech republic

GPS: 49.8646278N, 14.5175439E

Secretariat / gatehouse - production plant

Jitka Pěkná

(Cost accountant)

+420 608 265 827

About us

About PREFA Technology

From moulds for concrete and related technologies to the storage of loose materials and handling final reinforced-concrete products.

In the 50 years we have been on the Czech and Slovak markets, we have learned what you, our customers, want and need.

Our products emphasize high quality and added value with customised solutions, which sets us apart from the competition.

We design our equipment to…