Heavy duty trolleys are a suitable solution for moving reinforced concrete elements in places where the layout of the production area does not allow for relocation using lifting equipment (cranes).

They are also applied in operations where lifting equipment(cranes) for moving loads exists, but the handling is not effective due to frequent usage.

PREFA Technology designs equipment for handling reinforced-concrete precast elements for substations, garages, sumps, girders, binders, walls, slabs, and more. Within the scope of our in-house engineering and production, the equipment we offer can also be modified for other types of loads.

Heavy duty trolleys have their own chassis consisting of steel wheels with axles that run on a track. The track is made up of steel profiles anchored into the floor structure of the precast production facility

Heavy duty trolleys come as towing (with a drive) and towed (without a drive) versions.

By combining towing and towed vehicles you can create a system that allows for transporting elements that are several metres long, such as girders and trusses.

The towing vehicles are driven by geared electric drives. The power supply is provided by a cable drum included in the vehicle. An alternative to the cable drum is a built-in battery.

The battery variant is great for providing maximum flexibility. It is used for transporting loads, especially in places where power supply via a cable is not possible or where the trolley crosses multiple workstations where the presence of a cable is undesirable.

The battery is designed to handle loads without the need for recharging during a work shift. The system is also fitted with a recuperation unit that extends battery life.

The trolley is recharged on a docking station.

Heavy duty trolleys are controlled by radio remote control or operator panel (can be part of the truck).

Heavy duty trolleys can be fully automated using an anti-collision system. The system processes the vehicle’s path and, in the…

Heavy duty trolley specifications:

load capacity
normally 1 000 kg–40 000 kg
drive mechanism
geared electric drive/no drive
power supply
travel speed
5–60 m/min
Remarks: Technical parameters can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs